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I am John Vincent, a 17-year-old student from the Philippines. I do development and graphic design as hobbies.

I was born in Manila, currently residing and studying in Cavite. I grew up being amazed at how computers and technology work. There are times when I go to a mall and just be stunned at how innovation moves so fast.

Living in a country where internet speeds are a sixteenth of South Korea might sound not so great, but for some reason I enjoy it; those slowdowns give me time to relax even for a few more seconds. It becomes a headache though due to the nature of my hobbies, development, and design.

I extremely love technology, and eventually became my passion. I’m currently studying Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in a ‘quite big’ university in Cavite I don’t want to give the name right now, and doing development as a side hobby, and design as a secondary gig on ‘that’ university’s publication. It’s stressful, but I enjoy it pretty well.

I plan to take Computer Engineering in the next year.


John Vincent

How I Do Stuff

Conceptualize and Design

I first make rough concepts. They usually look hideous but they’re mostly used to instill direction into my work.

Construct and Develop

Scaffolding takes place, first building the bottom parts, then the top. I like working that way, but I sometimes do it from top to bottom.

Squash and Fix

Fixing bugs and issues comes next. It’s the longest part of the process, since I have to go back to developing the idea, but it’s the most satisfying when done.

Release and Deliver

Releasing and delivering the end result come next. Personal projects are sent to the “wild” and assigned projects go to the clients. All are usually done on time.