Google Lens: Google vs. The Fandom

Published on May 03, 2019 by John Vincent · 10 min read


It’s been over 2 years since Google introduced a new feature for Google Assistant, Google Lens. It has been rolled out to most devices right now, while a preview version is available on Google Lens for Google Pixel (or modded ROMs/devices).

But, how will Google Lens fare with… Fan arts? Will it be able to detect who’s who? Let’s start.

Fandom 1: Sonic the Hedgehog

With Google Lens being a preview on my test device, finicky results are truly expected. And since I’m a fan of it, why not try this up? And results are… quite satisfactory.

Image ©️ SEGA

But they’re official character models! But what about, fan arts?

©️ AIMF0324
Here it is, ladies and gentlemen. Sonic is a bull. 😂

Albeit with one funny result, Lens would usually return with a Couldn’t recognize this image yet on most fan arts.

But these ones, amazed me.

©️ AIMF0324
©️ AIMF0324

Google Lens was able to link these arts to the game from which they’re based from. Even to the point of providing more information when needed.

But these ones, left me wondering.

How does Google define something?

One (and many of them) matched “Sonic”. Yet, they return a different result, a fast-food chain of the same name it is.

More test images:

Fandom 2: Pokèmon

Though not as extensive as the first one (and due to the fact I have no less than 100 photos of such fandom on my library), results were… fairly the same.

Fandom 3 & 4: Mega Man and Kid Icarus

Same as the former, it was not as extensive. But it was able to detect (and link up) images from where they’re from.


A fairly popular animated series in Malaysia, results are absolutely shocking (and funny at the same time). This shows how Google Lens is finicky right now. How in the hell Google Lens thinks that they’re real people? Could someone explain this to me? Lmao.

Progress is Great

Well, as one progresses, there would be steep roads along the way. I hope that these issues with Google Lens, a feature with a lot of potential, would be rectified.

Google Lens has been available to the public since mid-2019 and has been improving since it was released. I will do another run of this, using the proper Google Lens, very soon.

Photo Credits:

  • Aimf0324@DeviantArt
  • Tsukikaze@Pixiv
  • ELM Go-Shogawara@Deviantart
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